ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

Sunday, October 4, 2009


When sumone that u loves suddenly says: we shud just be friend

it means:

u guys have tried good enuff to get into a relationship, but sumhow there are few things that doesnt seems rite to either one of u

the best solution is


accept the truth. it is the UGLY TRUTH.

and i learn from my friends, acceptin this fact now will only cause mild heartache, while not believing in such decision, and keep on trying to put things rite together will only cause COMA

so its up to me again.

i woke up this morning, with a stranger beside me *gosh there is a huge snake with great big head .. opsss*

then i realize, hey, wut i really need is not sumone to love and be loved ..

wut i crave now is peoples that can share the bed with me at nite, to sms and be sms, to call and be called .. yeah .. human call it LUST!

beb, perluke cari sowang je sedangkan i got few others in my list. and i do welcome backpackers.. stayin for a nite .. hahah strangers also a good candidate, they will just come and go.

believe me ..

this psycho-fucking SLUT will make a grand comeback soon

beware PLU's!!


konar said...

adekah criteria yg u tulis tu adelah LUST???


kimie st cuthbert said...

ntah .. i benci bilang cinta. how?

-sepi sendri aku benci-

konar said...

"wut i crave now is peoples that can share the bed with me at nite, to sms and be sms, to call and be called .. yeah .. human call it LUST!"

kalu bab tdor tuh i leh accept ia hanye lust...kalu call n sms tuh kire lust ke???

sbb ni sume criteria si H terhadap konar...SENTAPPPP...

konar said...

btw,,cerite u lebeh kurang ngan cerita i berkwn ngan laki org...and at last,,,die hanye anggap i seperti adik die sahaja...

kimie st cuthbert said...

ohhh i br perasan. i tulis dlm keadaan separa sedar, tak tau plak tercicir ayat.

hahaha. NO!

i bermaksud lain.

sms and be sms, call and be called ---> for FUN invitation & FUN date only. ahaks.

fulfilling my LUST requirement.

jgn mara~ jgn salah paham~ i pun tak paham~ heheheeh

kimie st cuthbert said...

lain ye.

u kawan LAKI ORG.. where u shud already know yg mmg wujudnye option : TAKKAN MENJADIK

eh .. same je ..
mana2 pun sama je ..

sume pun akhirnye ade option:


i pilih option 3 for all my stories, ley?

konar said...

i setuju...

kaedahnye kte dibuat sperti biskut...kejap ye kejap x...

pastuh bile minta dilepaskan,,,pose2 msg lg laaa...bile bersama wat kite cam hanjing...maen ngan jantan len...HANJINGGGGGGSSSSS...

nak je i ckp lepas..."KO NAK APE BABI????"

~~merasa ayat i yg dinch cover...

Miss Piggy Wiggy said...

oink oink .. *babi menyahut*