ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bless Me ..

today i got the urges to shred some blood again ..

this urges came so rapidly that i can sense my body shivers in excitement.

until at one point i cant even concentrate wut was i doing.

it happened so quickly, so quickly that i keep on thinking of killing .. kill .. kill and kill.

but i cant, actually im scared to do that to others, im scared that im gonna get caught and sentense to heavy punishment.

the best i can do, is to force blood running onto my skin. the best and safest way. nobody can arrest me for injuring my own skin.

i dont kill .. but i want to.

one day i will do it. i know i will be satisfy after that.

i have to stop taking innocence animal life .. but nobody can argue with me if i accidentally killed a cat on a road.

i wish i could kill freely. now im still feeling it.

both my hands can stop shaking .. but once i see bit of blood, i calmed spontaneously.

im sick am i. who should i blame?


all those who'd hurt me?


i cant stop thinking of it. it appears inside my mind now and then.

i keep on looking at myself in the mirror with blood shed all over my body.

i incidentally keep a thought of how i can kill sumthin without even get notice.

i am sick as hell. was i supposed to be bornt with this evil chakra inside me?


imahTHESTAR said...

one word..

risz said...

ko dah knapa??

konar said...

abg kimi nape???what happen???


jgn camni tau...

datin cik sal said...

kao mmg shantek!! ttbe..