ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

Friday, July 24, 2009

You Asked For IT!

while i still remember .. i nk tulis cepat2 kt sini.

last nite, sumhow before i slept, i wish for Maya to come over cos im so not feeling occay!!

and i went to sleep.

i woke up remembering me chanting the 4 Quls except that i missed out one of it, surah An-Nas.

and i remember reading by repeatation, together with Qursy .. and to extend that i was reading it onto a green leaf.

i was walking while doing it. and i know that im heading towards a small cottage, should precisely be called a big wooden crate.

i didnt stop reading it and walked in a very fast pace.

then i remember i put the green leaf onto the wooden wall and shouted "KELUAR! KELUAR!!"

and i heard deep creepy growl, a beast in pain. it so clear that the sound still in my head now and make me shiver.

bluntly, i woke up and see that it still dark in the room. i was so horrified and quickly went out of the room.

i saw jai sleepin on the comforter and no sign of Ed.

well, i did continue sleeping afta that, but .. beside Jai. i cant stop thinking and imagining things all the way till the dawn.

and now im tired, and sleepy ...

dont tell me that it has something to do with me going to Bukit Ampang last nite. hmmmm

am i being a witch now????

God Bless Me!!


Jai Maddox said...

patutlah i terjaga around 4am dan nampak u ada kat sebelah i.

rupa²nya, pasal maya.

ala... siannya you... kenapa tak kejutkan i je? ***(matilah tak cukup tidur kalau dikejutkan orang lain)... hihiks

konar said...

uoals xbasuh kaki ka b4 beradu???

len kali bace doa k...ngee~~~

kimie st cuthbert said...

motif sgt stiap kali ade nitemare, mesti salahkn tak basuh kaki and doa, why ek? huhuu

why only malay like this? cina nan ado pun .. *sigh*

konar said...

hahaha...itew petua org lama...hahaha...

~~pernah ke aku wat semua itew...none...hahahaha...

i takut i xpenah nightmare...wet dreams pernah la...hahahaa...~~ske2