ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

da bitch's gone ...

i baru je balik dr bukit ampang ... time now 11:46pm ...
thanks mama, u adviced me a lot today.
so i guess there's no use im still like what i am yesterday
so, point taken ... i'll be strong as possible to carry out the advice u gave.

well, the bitch's gone ..

now, after few hours there looking out for myself..

i believe instead of others, i shud take care of myself more

but i dunno till when i can stand on this resolution.

well, sape tak kenal i, ckp seminit, kejap lagi tukar balik. huhuuh

tp tak salah i pose mencuba kann...

like u said, im taking a very big risk now

yes, he looks similar like this ...

only shorter hair, how?

i will wait for the day he reach for me instead.

but i dunno what will happens if he didnt do as per expected.

i can give myself a week top without him.

if he not even care to say hello afta that

God knows what i'll be doing again ...



datin cik sal said...

kao terasa mcm nak buat habit tuh.. kao trus pecut ke PD!!! mrasalah kali nih mak nak kao betul2 bawak skirt bagai... merisss nokkk!!!! gerenti kao lupa yg kao nih ada kelentit berjuntai... oppsss!!

kimie st cuthbert said...

he he he he

*pose nak wat stiap hari jumaat*

izzu said...

i nak join gak tapi tamau pakai skirt

takpela i rasa i tak mampu nak conquer pd

i nak conquer putrajaya la, ley ?

kimie st cuthbert said...

i tak sabar tunggu entry isnin izu dgn headline:


rizz said...

nk g gak bukit ampang:p

||| PöJìé PööH ||| said...

klo frust² jgn nk kerat2 lengan uols..
uols apa kata gi kerat ayam blkg umah, gi masak kari ayam..
sure sedap n ilang frust tuh uols,,