ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

bday is a bday ..

i never celebrated my birthday extravagantly before ...

my childhood birthday .. the most memorable, unforgettable was the one im having at the age of 4 or 5 i believe.

it was at one fastfood restaurant, A&W

why is it soooo fuckin memorable??? cos its the starting point of me being Coulrophobia!!
i will never ever forget this days ... plus some more excitement from IT show. hahaha stupid silly me.

but yes, im afraid of CLOWNS .. MASKOT ... dan rakan2 nye! THANK YOU.

then, i have this birthday at my old technic skool ...
it was the days of SPM ..

just a quick info, i never get to celebrate my bday at skool as it will be within the long school term break. so it was the first, as it during the SPM .. where it almost over thou.

so my spice buddies, str8 guys, classmates, hostelmates, my scandalss .. my ex-hubby ... i didnt sure when they had planned it, but im totally been Punk'd

there is a big Koi pond in our skool, where they have quite a number of Japs Koi fish, and some of the local talapia .. and the numbers are huge .. u can see these fishes swam at the surface of the pool cos of too crowded.

its late night, after prep, study for i dunno what .. hahaha
all of sudden, there a commotion going on few blocks away.

well, i do have my own luxury study suites, thats the privilage being the skool "anak emas" and the VP of skool mags editor..

i did went out to see.. but i should have stopped. hehehe well, it seems like guys are fighting .. i like!!! haha my friends, the spice girl and i hurriedly went to the scene .. just to see that my ex-hubby and few friends were all ready for me to arrive.

GOSH!!! i knew sumthin was not rite. yeah, it's true. in a blink of an eye, they grabbed me recklessly .. didnt bother bout me shouting stop! stop! .. that time i knew where we heading. its the sacrifice pool. hahaha. all bday boy will be thrown inside the pool.. now they ended up our senior year by sacrificing me .. the goddess. opsss

it was scary .... slimy things all over your body ... you can feel the fish scales jolting thru your skin .. yuckksss!!!! it was allll bad!! yes i cried .. loudly .. but nobody cares .. its the routine, and its fun.

i used to laugh at others, now its my turn ngehehehe

well, soon after i done my fishing lesson, swimming like a dolphin inside the dark slimy water, he helped me gettin out.

at least i knew he loved me so much even with me smelt like a fish ..
it was a one-hell-of-a-nite for me .. and for him too. the peck on the cheek .. OMG .. now im totally missing him.

ok, enough of that.

tak sume pun mesti happy kan ..

yeah there was one. i do hope everyone still remember cos i think, at that time, i almost left all my friends .. cos im torn apart, how?

it was back in varsity life. almost at the end thou. before i went to sabah. *hi jerry*
i got a crush on this one notty badass guy, and he's gay. opsss

it was my plan. and i planned to hav my bday in Ipoh, on the 1st dec itself. but it seems most of my Speakup members gonna travel back home earlier than that. so i has to move the date early.

as it was out of the plan, i cudnt have the time to get all the cakes, stuffs etc
but thx to cikdih and my badass boy, we bought a simple cakes .. sponged cake ONLY.

all the other 'speakup's already went to Batu Gajah ... cos we are goin to Ipoh for clubs if-i-not-mistaken.

we met at KFC where .. all the SAD things started to happen. moral of the stories, i can never satisfied everybody at one go.

peoples are demanding this and that .. without even thinking about my feelings. nobody cared about the real objective why we were there.. i remember slicing the cakes but only a few did touched the simple cakes with their fingers .. yet i still heard complaints

it was devastating .. my emotion went up and down, neve felt so hina and keji at that time. im ashamed cos it was my bday and everythin screwed up.

we went to Polo next where i had my time alone with my badasss boy .. yeah, i did cried to him about this.

again ... it is very hard to please everybody, am i rite izu?

my last celebrated bday, the best i had in my varsity life ... thanks to all my sweet juniors, my batch ..

i never thought that i will be the one again .. get Punk'd. i used to do that to all of you ... hahaha planning suprise bday party for you guys .. but i neve believed that i will be the one suprised.


thou we only celebrated it at hostel cafe, but remember what the guys are saying... we are so loud back then. hahahaha i love the taste of the expensive cakes on my face, my baju ... i love all the gift, presents, bday card .. it did make me smiles everytime i see it now

so ..
itula .. few of the most memorable bday party scene in my life.
my wishlist:

1. to get to spend the bday with my bf
2. to get presents from which im the one choose the gift. hahahaha

duh!! i suke berangan .. ley??


datin cik sal said...

nyah... mak tarkis pun sambut besday ke tak.. org tak wish pun mak tak makan hati sangat.... sebab... emak mak akan sentiasa wish kat mak!! oppsss.. mrasa la tahun nih dapat lagi gelang tangan lagi sbgi present.. ayo ayo ayo!!!

kimie st cuthbert said...

i kan gadis manhattan .. besday celebration is a MUST list, how?
*feeling blonde*

rizz said...

sweet bday party lor!

konar said...

nnt ioals akan celebrate besday uoals yg akan dtg ekk...jgn sedey2 ekk...hehehe...

imahTHESTAR said...

birthday kau yer nyah?
call mak ! mak nak blanja REDBOX utk kau sorang je! ops*matila lessi*

kimie st cuthbert said...

hahaha mari mari!! tp bukan skang le imah, bulan doblas ley?