ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

Sunday, April 20, 2008


just to share with you guys ..

i am going to be confirmed for my position by end of april. gosh, after all the hardwork working 9am - 10pm everyday and with all the incredible hardship and performance ive shown .. they had recognised it. god bless me. ive done so many things; to do all the job required without any complaint, to come out with own ideas to tackle problems that ive neva encountered before, to go out and meet up with clients (a thing that i DONT wanna do again), to sacrifice my time and leisure .. just becos i want to prove to them that i can take challenges .. and wut my challenge again??

- to perfom the best and be confirmed in less than 3 months -

thats it! its sooo worth it. im just goin to get the confirmation in less than 3 months. im so proud of myself. but thats not the end, now my truth goal is to achieve higher level, which means, higher in everything. do i sound greedy? hahaha yes i am greedy, but i do it in appropriate way OK!! i dont backstab others, i dont go and kipas the directors, wut i did and will continue do is .. sacrifice myself!!! i will do any sacrification that i need to do in order to achieve the goals. do i look like a workaholic now?

hahaha .. gosh, i wish i have a life partner so i wont be like this (duh, still wanna blame others)
neway. im left a year behind all my friends i guess, so i dont feel any problem in sacrificing the first year here in kl just to get myself trully and steadily ready to move on to other kind of things to do ...

opsss .. forget to tell, i will be leading the sales / technical dept soon .. to have my own subordinatess and thats gonna be a thrill position. i hope i can take the responsibility well. i dont think i can do it superb first time, but i'll do it anyway. for me, when those person hav gained trust with me, then i shudnt go and break that trust, am i rite??

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izzu said...

congratulation babe