ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

Friday, May 11, 2007

the journey begins

there's one day
i thought i wud lost hope ...
i thought i wud neva feels myself again ..
i thought the loneliness inside has already devoured me
i thought everything will just end up misery as i cud possibly imagine ...

god give me courage
to seek for the last time ..
i try my hardest to grab any single chance ...
i try my best to be myself ..
not knowing that by being myself, i wud not be guaranteed a success
yet i've tried

i guess he heard me
i guess he is OK to return my heart's call
i guess we hav been given a chance
sparks of light has been bestowed upon us
for us to start sumthing new
for us to search for the best possibilities
for us to reach for a better outcome

yes ...
literally .. thats how everything start
that was when our journey begun .....

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