ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

Saturday, September 30, 2006

and that humbles me ....


ai like walking on grass.
yu like walking on the pathway.
it doesn't matter, let's get out of here.

ai love watching movies that make me cry.
yu love them that gross yu out.
it doesn't matter, ai can adjust.
now pass me the Twisties.
you said, "say please."
ai gave yu a kiss.
yu didn't kiss me back.
but yu handed me the pack.

ai love hip & R&B, so - so into rock.
you dig those alternative rock.
it doesn't matter, as long as we do rock.

me, ai hate it when yu suddenly become silent.
yu hate it when ai talk so much.
telling me ai say stupid things and such.
it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter.

ai love street food.
yu love street food, too.
we fight over the last piece of "nasi ayam" chicken.
it doesn't matter, here have it.

yu asked me if ai loved you.
ai didn't answer with words.
ai just gave yu a kiss.
yu didn't kiss me back.
but yu smiled that devilish smile.
and ai die.

ai love you.
right now ai feel like
i'm gonna love yu for a long time.
forever and a day.

ai love you so much.
but it doesn't matter.

life would be boring if everyone's the same.
life would be monotonic if everyone's friendly.
life wouldn't be beautiful without pain.
pain makes the world go round.
and love makes it stop.

ai get sad when ai see homeless children lying in the streets.
but ai do nothing about it.
ai get sad when ai see grannies walking out in the streets alone
but ai do nothing about it

ai listen to sad songs when i'm happy.
and it humbles me.
ai listen to happy songs when i'm down,
but ai know they won't work.
and ai listen back to songs that make me cry

ai get scared when i'm too happy
cause ai dunno what would come next.
some times i'd like to think that there is no god.
cause it's liberating.
but then ai do a double-take and ai know ai am wrong.
and it humbles me.

some times ai can point out every single thing that is wrong.
but some other times ai just see the good in everything.

ai hate it when people judge me
as if they had spent enough time with me.
but ai know that prejudice is a human instinct.

and that humbles me..


Lan said...

poem yang menyayat hati....

"that devilish smile"

aiyo....mak teringat kisah cinta lama....

motif ko nak bersastera bagai? dah ader pengganti baru ker??

izzu said...

syahdu sungguh. yuol karang puisi ni sambil menoreh ke ? lariikkk

Evillici0us kimie said...

ahahaha ... *eh ai tak patut gelak .. choii

yes, uols ... ekceli mane de pengganti baru .. *tade ke?

ai saje teringat kisah lame ... hiks ..

Evillici0us kimie said...

motif ai menoreh? hiks ... jgn dikenang kisah yg lara~!!!

p/s: choi kan yu n purue ... selalu wat ai teringat kt dia .. ahhhhh.. ai benci benci benci

Anak Tunggal Makcik Zaiton said...

"ai hate it when people judge me"

Motif mcm tagline blog seseorg yg anggun dan jelita?..lariiiii

Smoga sembuh dari penyakit x keruan dan memori berulang lalu menybbkn trauma diselangi rembesan hidung ketika quiz lalu pergi amek ujian darah dgn kerisauan..semoga sembuh..aminn..(baca doa bln puasa makbul senang)