ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

am ai wrong?

lucky me, somehow, ai had been given a chance to love n be loved again ...
yes, ai guess it wud has been so wonderful if yu has sumone that love yu for wut yu are ... and vice versa

but ....

last nite ai felt so weird ... when ai sit down and think about this matter carefully ....

am ai only doin this love thing ... juz becos ai wanna get rid of sumthing dat happend in the past and still hauntin me? ai am not sure .. but it sure looks like a rebound relationship to me..

i do like him for sure, and he do too, but .. i guess its to early to actually tell this kinda thing. but to wait for another month before really knows the feelings, daaaa.. arent in gonna be too long???

yeah, maybe sum of yu neva encountered the phrase 'instant love', where yu met once,and already fallen for each other, and, there's nothing more to be waited for .. thus, there r the new hot couples.

ai guess there's no such thing as wut ai had mentiond here ... juz like sumone said before, yu cant force love, and it wont happend in juz few seconds. am ai right??

apparently, ai hav been into this situation for quite a long tyme, before ai realize dat everybody surrounds me had started a whole wut-the-hell-goin-on-with-him story among themselves ... and ai am so ashames as for today ... wut tha??

yup ... ai guess, now ai had realize the biggest and silly mistakes bimbo like me wud do ... and may ai correct it ??

sure ai can aite .... to be frank,


in tyme, ai shud learn how to control this odd feelings of mine.
thanks guys for makin me realizing all these ... daaa...

am ai an arsehole now??? are yu guys gonna make fun of me bout this??

*matilah bimbo verangans meracau dlm english


Arieca7 said...

very citer kikiki.. instant sex.. jmpe suker trus ciktot... hiks

imahlenggok said...

motif entry nie feeling michael buble berenglish bagai??pantat sgt!

imahlenggok said...

motif entry nie feeling michael buble berenglish bagai??pantat sgt!

sandy_manero said...

shai babes...!haha..maria tok..
jumpa pun engkau