ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

Monday, July 10, 2006

Silent Cry

kalo hari ituew ai menjantan,
minggu inie ai pose² woman,
kalo tyme ituew ai kejar anak ikan,
kini hanya air mata mampu ai alirkan .....
kimie dealova

Dear you,

Thanks sudi spend tyme with me that day. thou we only had 2 days to spend, but it will be d greatest moment with you.

remember that friday evening, when i tell you that i'm gonna go back and wont be able to see you again... then we promise to meet up. thou u r late for almost 45 minutes, and of cos i'm so angry for that reason, but when u appear with dat innocent smile on ur face, sy tak jadi marah.. why? only god knows.

we watched a muvie, that not-so-wow Scary Movie 4.. duhh!!!! waste of money .. then, kite lepak kat luar tu, as usual, full of stories .. yg best, yg tak best, yg make me jealous..ahaks. i guess thou that nite was so tiring, but i do enjoyed it with yu. hope u feel the same too. we walk, from CP to Karamunsing, sorry, it was all my idea, we betta took the bus kan tyme tu..hehehe. but to see u soaking wet, face red, eeeee.. so cute!! feels like wanna hug u dat tyme.

i said i'm hungry, but when we had d food served, it was u dat have to finish it all. i know u r mad at me cos not eating,but i'm full already just by having u beside me. it was already 1000pm, and i hav to wait for my friends cos there was no more available taxi at that place.

i really appreaciate ur kindness to accompany me that nite thou u really hav to go as u are having this driving test next morning. but we wait until 130am aite? hmm... i know u r so damned tired and sleepy, but i did.. i did told u tyme afta tyme, for u to go back to ur room but u dont want to. u said u shud wait! but i said its ok. i felt like cryin when u suddenly rose ur voice and said " awk boleh tolong diam tak? " i tot u r angry with me, i just... i just dont want to menyusahkn u anymore.. it was so late and there it goes, a silent minute between us. i know,its my fault for having tyme like that. but then, u always hav somthing in mind to make me smiles again. and you, i dunno whether its true or not, but i saw ur eyes start to tears. i dont wanna know why cos i know u r having a problem urself. ...aite?

another one, bout dat spooky stuff, u already know dat i'm not into dat, and u know that i'm as timid as a rat, yet u still wanna play prank on me. i almost scream for dat, but u laugh at me ... jahatnyeee~!! but i like it when u said " comelnye kimie takut hantu .. " i'm still blushing till rite now.. heeeeeee

hmmm, i guess when my friends arrived, they r mad at me.. but u r the one that feels so scared dat they gonna hate u for dat. huhuhu..

next morning, i woke up early wanting to know if u already gone for ur test, but u replied " tak jd pegi, sbb bangun lewat " waaaa...i felt so guilty, but u said it wasnt my fault, its you that dont wanna go. then, we go out again dat morning. i tot i said wait for me at Wisma Budaya, but u went to CP. we then go to meet ur friend's sista for d package she brought all the way from keningau.hehehe. then we spend dat aftanoon sitting on the rock under those big trees. such a lovely weather dat tyme . and we also hav a wonderful tyme together.. kekekeke

we then go to Wisma,lepak at coffee bean ... and again u said u r sleepy.. huh! tp tyme dpt rokok je, terus segar kan? i did took some pix of u .. but u deleted most of it! just becos u said u dont like the pix, it doesnt mean, i hav to dislike it either. but then u took other pix and set it to be d phone wallpaper. i'm so proud to hav dat pix and show it off to everyone..hehehehe

then, my friend send sms as we had planned to watch Just My Luck - Lindsay Lohan muvie. huhuhu at 1st u said u wanna join but then afta that tiny incident, u said its betta for u to get back home.

u know wut, bout dat sms i wanna show u, i still have it in my inbox, but i'm not sure if u really wanna read em. its not that i fooled u but, i myself dunno whether i shud show u. then u get mad when i said i've deleted d sms u gave. ur face changed ... i just knew it. but , wut can i do..

today, i really miss u much. every single tyme i'll flip up my phone to see ur pix and take a glance look at ur vids taken..hehe.and early this morning, i came across a saying dat goes :

" the worst way to miss someone is to be beside em but knowing u can neva have em "

hmmm, dunno wut else to say... i just hopin u'll find me before i go back this coming nex week wednesday. as i told u, my last week ere i'll be spending it with my friends ... and i dont want any interuption.. but if it is you.. i guess half of my soul will say Go..

Thank you anyway for spending all dat tyme with me ... just want u to know dat i'll always like u as i like u d 1st tyme we met. *cry*


fiebie Danielle De la Rossa said...

sedih mak baca entry ko itieww...takpe nilah tiba masa nya u luahkan hati u kat die..i rasa tak salah ok...

arieca7 said...

hihi.. fill ur last moment entirely with him.. spare a little part in your heart for farewell n lost.. cry if u want to..just dont kill urself huh.. thats all i wanna say.. lagu tema -Jangan Pisahkn

Anak Tunggal Makcik Zaiton said...

" the worst way to miss someone is to be beside em but knowing u can neva have em "

mcm pernah ku baca tapi di mana yaaa?

Ai x baca lagi semua tapi ai dah komen..nnti ai baca jap lagi..

Dealova Nafisha Tak Ada Logika

Evillici0us kimie said... dah gile lagi sekali~!!

izzu said...

fiebie Danielle De la Rossa said...

"sedih mak baca entry ko itieww...takpe nilah tiba masa nya u luahkan hati u kat die..i rasa tak salah ok... "

buat pengetahuan puru, syai dah buat semua tu ye, nak tau apa result dia bila syai meluahkan perasaan, tanyala tuan empunya badan.

sasser said...

mesti mamat tu trajang syai kanz??? kan.. betul tak tekaan ai datin... chihihihi

Evillici0us kimie said...

motif kena terajangz? huuuuu...dia wat dunno je at 1st .. tp still rapat, cume smpai skang ai tatau status hubungan itueww. nk kate kawan pun tak, kapel pun tak, musuh pun tak ... ai cume datin yg kegersangan cinta *ttba*

Anak Tunggal Makcik Zaiton said...

- sabarjekla u ols.. - matila jadi sugarmummy.. mummy ke? - mummy return ado..

izzu said...

mummy returns ? kelles ko jad mumia adik2, kan pisa ? lompat2, oops, salah baik ko jadi pocong je

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