ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

LesSon # 4

LeArN to Say NO sumtyme ......

*sigh* at LaSt ai Berjaya Ckp "Tamau" tyme dia aJak kuaR smLm ... seLalunye meSti taKleh reSisT gituewww .. meRaSa ai prOpah :

" taKnaK la juMpa weeK² teRakhIr nie .. cOs ai DoNt waNna haVe tHat feeLing, tHat ai gOnNa miSs You a Lot aFta tHiS .. " *merasa ko ai feeling² Lois Lane ( will ai see you again .... around ?? )

--> by saying NO, it doesnt mean you avoiding him, it rather u menolak pelawaan ituewww.. tak ghitu?

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