ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

ssSsshhH .. iTs My SeCreT ..

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

21 years of recap - the birth of ME !!!

1st December 1984

a baby boy was born!! choiii... cutenye!! muhahahaha.... where's the father? ooh, ade kt luar... hmmm,there you go ... a newborn baby .. a newcomer to this beautiful?? peaceful?? earth ... i wonder wut wud he be in the next next upcoming years ... we'll see bout that layter k!! till then ...

January 1997

ahhhhhh... few years has passed, that child has grown to be a wonderful cute happy-go-lucky kinda boy. well, people said, when a child reached the age of 10-13 , they'll be facing a whole new and different kinda life.. is it true? again, we'll see bout that ... being a teenager,this boy will go on a trip to discover himself ... and hopefully the path taken is a "straight" one .. kekeke.

February 1998

yup, thank god. two heart finally met!! wow!!!! they're so in love.. looking at that boy fallin in love with a cute gurl from his school ... his mom must be proud of that .. hahahahaha. of coz it was just a beginning ... we always mark that kinda love as "cinta monyet" ... yup, thats true aite?

December 1998

*cry* life is just like "ferris-wheel", sometimes we are at the top, sometimes we'll be at the bottom. when we'll be flex? *opsss
well, being dump will not hurt so much.. it will just tear apart your heart, rip all the trust you have and kill all the faith you put in... it also sometimes change people .. is it true? haih.. i guess in this boy case, its true that being broken-hearted has changed that boy 100% ... how can i explain this ... emmm...

September 1999

yeah ... love has dropped by again ... and this tyme .. hmm..not that gurl anymore, puhlissss...
erkk.. ahhhh..i forgot to tell you.. remember this! that boy has changed .. totally .. believe it or not,he's no longer have trust or feeling to gurls .. *scream* why he'd be like that? hmmm...nobody knows. lets make a wild guess... might it be becos he's being dumped by that gurl? ahhhh... can i say that? huhuhu.. the main point here, i dunno until when he'll stay like that, gurl really has turned him off .. but,surely it has opened his heart and mind into a new hidden world... hehe

just some intro to wut really happened, here goes ... there's one cute dude near his neigbourhood ... and that boy kinda like him, becos of all the treat he gave ... and becos, haiya ... enuff la story .. hehehehe *blush*

March 2000 - December 2001

beginning of new life .... hostel life
hmmmm.... it was so wonderful!!! so so wonderful!!!
ahhhhhhhhhh... only god knows wut happened during 2 years of study at that school
it was the climax part for that boy in searching for himself ...
now he knows wut he really want .. yet he cant tell anyone bout that
not everyone knows wut he is now .. not even his parents .. only his close friends....huhuhu
actually ... wut has he discovered??

hmmmm.... for those whom had experience hostel life ..i'm sure you'll know wut had that boy discovered aite? huhuuhhu... yup, it maybe a little bit wierd to discuss it ere .. yet, thats the truth! waaaaaaaa.... why i feel so blushed to tell this boy stories.... ahhhhhhhhh!!!

April 2006

year by year, that boy has grown up .. he's now 21yrs old!! hmmm..still young,still has so much more to do.. huhuhu
yet,there's a lot of stuff he'd learnt from the past few years, good one, not-so-good one ..
he'd experienced so many things ... one that he proud to tell others, one that he only kept for himself, one that make him shame to tell, one that he really2 wanna brag off ..

but that was all gone ... he is no longer in that particular time .. nothing that has been done can be regreted, or corrected anymore..
well, as i mentioned earlier, this is just some recap .. a short not so brief story ...
he is wut he is rite now ...
he was the one that determined himself to be the person he wants to
he was the one that experienced all the things happened
he was the one who decided evry single action he'd taken
now, he has to live that life ... the one he has choosen ....

and that life is being ME !!!!

today .... as the date shows 060606 .. a new "boy" is born ... and the name is kimie *bukan nama sebenar*

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izzu said...

kelles, dar str8 jad bengkok. str8 ke ko, dulu2 ? chihihi, harus pasni penuh citer pencikcuran kan. kata hot stuff kat sabah :)